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New Developer Blog Setup

FanScout Developer Blog will be a place where we will share helpful tips that have helped in the building of the FanScout ecosystem. We'll talk about our approach to using the technology that has made the apps and supporting systems possible.

The Tech to Build this Blog

This blog is written using a pretty amazing service sanity.io. This service is incredibly convenient for us because the main https://fanscoutapp.com is written using gatsby. Having the blog in the same tech is very nice. Sanity also is convenient in that it basically bootstraps the entire process of creating the blog, the admin interface (what I'm writing in now), and sets up the hosting on netlify. Setting up the whole blog with the current sub-domain (blog.fanscoutapp.com) only took a few hours. Needless to say we are VERY impressed. 10/10 would recommend this to a friend.